Deliver clean energy to rural Pakistan
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EcoEnergyFinance provides affordable
solar energy
to rural Pakistan.

Recent News

Experimenting with Mobile Money to Make Energy Affordable

The EcoEnergyFinance team is pleased to announce that it will be conducting a pilot in 2014 to determine how mobile money platforms can be integrated to make energy more affordable for customers with little or no access to the electricity grid. This pilot has been…Read More

Using ‘Word of Mouth’ To Reach New Customers

A lot of marketing people might think that its not possible to reach the target audience without using the conventional advertising and promotional techniques. We tried to achieve our goal by creating word of mouth and it has worked really well for us. Iqbal is…Read More

Thinking Beyond Boundaries: New Ways of Promoting Our Products

It’s never easy to come up with creative ways to reach your target audience. Our job gets even more difficult because of the limited resources we have for investing in these activities. That never stops us to come up with creative and effective ways to…Read More

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