We believe in a world full of light, where people have opportunities for growth as well as their basic needs met. We believe in the power of solar energy.

Founded in 2009, EcoEnergy provides affordable, cutting-edge solar technology directly to people with no access to electricity. Through our sales, service and distribution network, we power lights, cell phones, fans and televisions for households and small businesses, transforming the lives of women, educating the next generation, impacting environment and the economy. EcoEnergy provides clean electricity access to under-powered communities in Pakistan by addressing a growing energy deficit and offering better socio-economic opportunities.

With inadequate energy infrastructure, high pollution levels and an untapped market of millions with access to mobile communication, Pakistan’s off-grid population is at a turning point. EcoEnergy allows users to access financial services – many for the first time ever – and help connect them to the rest of the world.


EcoEnergy was established by founders with strong roots in Pakistan. We also understand the landscape and communities we are working in. EcoEnergy spent four years conducting extensive micro-level market research across 44,000 households to truly understand the challenges of off-grid communities and source the most relevant products to them at the most affordable price-point. Using local talent, we unearthed the most effective way to bring about an appetite for solar energy in areas of Pakistan where literacy is low and a massive behavioral change is required for adoption. We are able to compete with local knock-offs by providing our customers with affordable products and excellent customer service.

  • Proven experience in market-building: the EcoEnergy team builds the market for multiple products amongst multiple customer segments in rural, off-grid Pakistan. This experience is valuable in introducing new products and reaching new customer segments.
  • Last-mile distribution: the EcoEnergy  team pioneers last-mile distribution to reach off-grid communities, in ways that private and development sector entities have failed to do.
  • Knowledge of consumer behaviours: the EcoEnergy team builds deep knowledge of the behaviours of rural customers, from their purchasing decisions to payment collection.
  • Collaboration: EcoEnergy collaborates with international energy practitioners and global policymakers, bringing lessons from solar energy enterprises from around the world to Pakistan.